Wednesday, January 19, 2011

If You Haven't Seen This Yet...

Watch it now!

STL Lock-In 2011 from brandon carter on Vimeo.

Thanks for the great camera work, Brandon!


  1. so so great. thanks brandon!
    i want people to talk about the polo that was played too...i thought there were some great match-ups/performances/improvement of players.
    opinions, anybody?

  2. oh, i'll start.

    STLjake and nookie rick took the cake for top players allllll night long.

    roller skating rocked my socks off, same with the stellar soul train line.

    lightning lembo's impressive bloodflow made me blush a bit.

    i'm just gonna say it- i think the ATX players played hard and played well.

    and gad bless the boys of bike polo- especially the ones who stripped to their skivvys. heaven help me, i chose the right sport.

  3. i seriously played one of the most enjoyable games of polo i've ever had. don't remember who it was with or who we played aside from brian turner, but damn it was fun... for the team i was on anyway.