Monday, January 16, 2012

Get In The Fucking Venga Bus

 Everything you bring makes the party better
 Donuts and enchilada sauce
 The 2012 pinata
 Party moves!
 Team building
 Beer Run!!
 Big Tides in the Party Van!
 Pinata time
 The only rule to whacking the pinata is don't just walk up and whack it
 Image 9666
 This is what it was like
 Scrumming for party favors
 The Golden Ticket
 Russian stacking Bourbon
 Grandpa showed up!
 Jump ropin'
 Blatent misuse of the make out couch
 Couples skate
 The joy of foot down
 We like to party
 Goal Party!
 This is what sleep deprivation looks like
 Big Tides
 Bob From Cleveland: Party Inovator
 There til the bitter end

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Consider this pt. 8...

The party before the party.

On Friday night, some of you will be in Saint Louis looking for fun. It will be Friday the 13th, so something special is sure to happen.

The night will start with a stop at Handlebar, a bicycle-themed watering hole. Handlebar is donating some beer to our 24-hour party, so stop in, buy a drink, and show your gratitude for donated beer. If i had to guess, 9pm is probably a good time to show up.

Handlebar is located at:

4127 Manchester Avenue
Saint Louis, MO 63110

Once a good crew has assembled, we'll assess our situation and see what the night and the city of Saint Louis has to offer (Hopefully, another "ANYTHING GOES" party.).

Stay out all night, or get some sleep. Just remember that the Lock-In starts at Noon on Saturday.

The Skatium is located at:
120 Catalan Street
Saint Louis, MO 63111-3754.

Eat before you arrive. Feel free to bring in coolers full of extra food and beer...Especially, if you have special dietary needs.

The Lock-In is close. So very close.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Consider this pt. 7...

We will be sending out the loan sharks on Saturday.

Some of you have not sent us your entrance fee for the 2012 Saint Louis Bike Polo Lock-In. Trying to get into the Lock-In without settling your debt will result in you receiving a baseball bat to the kneecaps.

If you still have outstanding debt, make sure you bring cold, hard cash on Saturday. Otherwise, your Lock-In experience will be spent outside in the parking lot with the crackheads trying to break into cars.

And on that note, last year, while we were having a blast inside of the Skatium, assholes were outside smashing windows and rummaging through cars. This seems to be a problem in the area surrounding the Skatium. Scumbags have been known to break into cars in search of guns. To avoid having your car damaged during your stay at the Skatium, we recommend you do the following:

-Take everything potentially of value out of your car.
Seriously. Take everything. One car that was vandalized last year simply had a cell phone charger stolen. Leave your valuables at the home of your STL host or take everything with you into the Skatium!

-Leave your car doors unlocked.
Ask the Cleveland guys what it was like driving down the highway in January with a trash bag poorly replacing a broken window. If you don't want your window(s) potentially smashed out, just leave the car doors unlocked. Roll your windows down too while you're at it.

-Park as close to the Skatium as possible.
Once everything is officially rolling inside the Skatium, we'll try to rearrange cars so that we can cram as many as possible into the Skatium's parking lot. The most vulnerable cars seem to be the ones furthest away from the Skatium.

-Leave a note!
Leave one on your window or the front seat informing any would-be thieving bastards that the doors are unlocked and there is nothing valuable in your car or in the trunk. Tell them your head unit won't work once it's pried out of your dash. Tell them that your car is a waste of time and effort.

It sucks that we have to deal with this junk, but these are simple solutions to a potential problem and a way to hopefully keep your windows from being smashed to bits. Ideally, these steps will prevent everyone's Lock-In buzz from being ruined by South Saint Louis City hood rats.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Consider this pt. 6...

A quick look at the extended weather forecast seems to indicate that this weekend will feature favorable weather if you can tolerate brisk temperatures.

On Saturday, if the "next game" wait is too much for you to take, I am sure that you could enjoy some outdoor polo at a nearby roller hockey rink. Mt. Pleasant Park is only a couple of miles away from the Skatium, and if you have enough layers to enjoy outdoor winter polo, feel free to join the group inevitably making the trek.

If you are coming in Friday night and plan on partying, make sure you have warm clothes. There have been rumblings about visiting an outdoor party spot at some point on Friday. More details about Friday night will be posted in the coming days.

For those of you that have never had the privilege of partying at one of our Lock-Ins, know that the Skatium has many awesome qualities, but it's also chilly within its walls. You will be warm when playing polo, roller skating, playing dodgeball, smashing a pinata, and drinking whiskey. But when you are just hanging out with some of the greatest people Bike Polo has to offer, hoodies and jackets are encouraged.