Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Consider This - Part 3 - Food and Drinks

Inside the Skatium, rules are more like guidelines. For 24 hours, we will be free to party until our hearts are content.

But there are some rules that the establishment we are renting for 24-hours has to pretend to follow.

One rule involves Mouse's ability to give you beer. Basically, around 1AM the Skatium has to pretend to stop serving alcoholic beverages for a couple hours. Don't be sad. This has happened every year of the Lock-In's existence. Technically, no alcohol is supposed to be distributed after 1AM, but as most of you know, that didn't stop beer from quietly exchanging hands at the bar.

If you want to continue ingesting beer throughout the night, consider bringing a case of beer or two with you to the Skatium. This will help you attempt to quench your desire to drink for two reasons:

A). The "stop serving at 1AM" rule won't interrupt your fun if you have your own stash.

B). We are buying a bunch of beer. That beer could last most of the day. After that, we'll probably go on our yearly beer run. If you want to drink without the risk of any drinking interruptions, having a personal stash would be wise.

Also, speaking of personal stashes, if you have any special dietary needs, it would be wise bring a supply of your unique food. The food we have arranged for Lock-In #5 will be similar to what we have had in the previous 24-hour romps. 

Pizza and sandwiches. 

Hot Cheetos and Takis.

If you are hankering for some tofu and gluten-free granola, please do not be surprised when we have not catered to your specific tastes.


  1. PLEASE TIP MOUSE! he is working and serving us for 24 hours and i feel we need to tip him, am i right STL??