Monday, November 29, 2010

Great Expectations

The 2011 STL Bike Polo Lock-In will set the bar impossibly high for the 2011 Bike Polo year. Days..Weeks..Months after the Lock-In concludes, you will still find yourself searching for a polo event that tops that cold January weekend in St. Louis, Missouri. Sadly, nothing will surpass the fun you have at the 2011 STL Bike Polo Lock-In...until we do it again in 2012.

You may be wondering what to expect from the 2011 STL Bike Polo Lock-In, and we would be happy to give you a taste of what you will experience when you enter our 24-hour shitshow.


- Expect a party where some polo will be played. We are hosting a party where polo will be possible most of the night. But be warned: If you are showing up expecting to play 30 games of polo, you are going to be disappointed. Be open and flexible and leave your serious polo attitude at home.

- If you attended the last Lock-In, expect to see fewer people. This year, we have kept the numbers down. Last year, we let over 100 people through the doors. This year, you won’t see more than 65 polo players. Say “bye bye” to next game piles running 14 games deep.

- Expect a random hour of roller-skating. Bring your skates if you have them. Shoot the duck if you can.

- Expect to be surrounded by fun people. Instead of a first-come-first-serve, open door policy, we have made this year’s Lock-In more select and intimate. This simple fact should make this Lock-In more pleasant for everyone involved. Just remember, the way you handle yourself at this Lock-In could influence whether or not you are invited to the next Lock-In.

- Expect to enjoy some quality, free beer. Our friends at O’Fallon Brewery have generously donated a large amount of beer to our party. But feel free to backpack in whatever beer/liquor/moonshine/snacks you would like to enjoy on your own throughout the night. Bring whatever you like, just try to avoid waving it around the rink staff like a moron.

- Expect to be put on notice. The number one rule of the STL Bike Polo Lock-In is “Have fun.” The second rule is “Don’t be a dick.” Everyone will be put on notice. It will be like a neighborhood watch. If you see someone being a dick, say something to that person or a member of STL Bike Polo. The main thing we are looking out for is mallet stacking (ie. Putting more than one mallet in the line of next game piles). No one is special. No one at the Lock-In is a unique snowflake. You are all equal. Anyone trying to get his or her unfair share of polo will be punished (your bike may be u-locked, your mallets may be stolen, or we may just throw you out onto the cold St. Louis streets ((good luck surviving the most dangerous city in the US))). We will be dicks about enforcing this rule.


- We expect to have fun, and we expect you to have fun. Anyone ruining our fun will be excommunicated from the party.

Andrew W.K - we want fun

Plead Insanity | Myspace Video

- We expect to have a party, and we expect you to party. If we play a little polo too, great.

- We expect you to respect the building and the people around you. Failure to do so will have consequences.

Does all of that sound good? Good.

More info will be posted soon.

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