Thursday, January 13, 2011

Things to consider...Updated 1/14/2011

With the big day approaching, here are a few things to consider:

-Helmets are not required. You are an adult. We are not your parents. If you need a helmet, wear one. If you don't want to wear one, that's fine with us. We're not going to make you wear a helmet.

-Eat before you arrive at the Lock-In. The first meal we provide you won't show up until many hours after the start of the Lock-In. So enjoy a big breakfast/lunch/brunch before arriving at the Skatium. Also feel free to bring snacks and drinks. Leave them in your car or backpack them into the Skatium. Do what you need to do to survive the 24-hour party.

-You will be required to surrender extra mallets at the door. For 24-hours, you will only have access to one of your mallets. You can leave extras in your car or surrender them to us when you check in. Once you have surrendered your extra mallets, you will be required to put a name tag on your mallet shaft. The purpose of this it so we can call out your name if you're taking too long to get on the court for your game. Mallets without name tags will be tossed to the side and ignored. If your mallet breaks, you must come to an STL player, show him/her your broken mallet, and you will get a new name tag and one of your spare mallets back.

-We will throw you out if you are a dick. Anyone causing trouble...putting more than one mallet in the next-game-piles...destroying property...or being what we determine to be "a dick" will be thrown out of the Skatium. We are not bluffing. I will happily remove anyone that is ruining the Lock-In experience for anyone else.

-There will be punishments for things like own goals and spilling drinks. Punishments will probably be on a case by case basis. But if you witness an own goal or spilled drink, notify an STL member ASAP.

-Take lots of pictures. Reliving polo events through photography is something I truly enjoy. If you take pictures this weekend, be sure to upload and share them.

-Dress warm. Bring clothes for the winter weather outside. Also bring a few layers to the Skatium. It's a little drafty. A t-shirt and jeans will leave you wanting inside the Skatium.

-Be open minded and flexible. Having fun is easy. If you're too cool to have fun, you probably shouldn't show up on Saturday.

...I'll keep adding to this list as I think of new things. Check the comments too. I'm sure some STL players will chime in with things that I've forgotten.

The 2011 STL Bike Polo Lock-In is so close...I can almost taste that beer you spit in my face in the heat of partying.

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  1. thanks for the fun, STL! looking forward to seeing you guys again soon