Thursday, January 12, 2012

Consider this pt. 8...

The party before the party.

On Friday night, some of you will be in Saint Louis looking for fun. It will be Friday the 13th, so something special is sure to happen.

The night will start with a stop at Handlebar, a bicycle-themed watering hole. Handlebar is donating some beer to our 24-hour party, so stop in, buy a drink, and show your gratitude for donated beer. If i had to guess, 9pm is probably a good time to show up.

Handlebar is located at:

4127 Manchester Avenue
Saint Louis, MO 63110

Once a good crew has assembled, we'll assess our situation and see what the night and the city of Saint Louis has to offer (Hopefully, another "ANYTHING GOES" party.).

Stay out all night, or get some sleep. Just remember that the Lock-In starts at Noon on Saturday.

The Skatium is located at:
120 Catalan Street
Saint Louis, MO 63111-3754.

Eat before you arrive. Feel free to bring in coolers full of extra food and beer...Especially, if you have special dietary needs.

The Lock-In is close. So very close.

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  1. this is a desperation move but I just learned I can go today, any chance of an open spot this weekend?