Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Hardest Partier of Them All...

There is a person that exists without whom the Lock-In wouldn't be the amazing experience it is every year. This person makes it all possible, and whenever someone talks about being a Lock-In "lifer", they all pale in comparison to this individual.

In three years of Lock-In partying, he has been awake for every single minute. He's there every year without fail. He demands that his boss allow him to be in attendance. Basically, this guy is the heart behind the Lock-In, and I want us to make sure that he knows how much we appreciate his dedication.

Obviously, I'm talking about MOUSE.

That's right. Mouse. The big guy that hands you free beer for 24-hours in January. The guy that mops up your messes at the Skatium. The guy that turns a blind eye when we use motorized vehicles indoors, climb the rafters, set off fireworks and nearly paralyze ourselves trying to break the pinata open in creative, ill-conceived manners.

I think he's the most underrated person at the Lock-In each year.

As a club, we've always tried to take care of him by throwing cases of beer his way and stuffing cash into his tip jar when he wasn't paying attention. We've encouraged you to take care of him too.

This year, I want to encourage everyone to bring Mouse something special. It can be as simple as a tallboy...Mouse enjoys beer and generous tipping. Maybe your polo club can spare a XXXL t-shirt? I don't care what it is, but if you can try to think of something special to bring to the Lock-In to show Mouse your appreciation, we would really appreciate it (and Mouse would appreciate it too).

I don't know how many of you know this, but Mouse INSISTS on being at the Lock-In. When the Skatium staff meets to discuss who would be willing to work during the Lock-In, Mouse insists that he be the one to work the event...and not just a few hours...He demands that he get to work the ENTIRE 24-hours. Mouse loves us and we love him. Let's make the extra effort this year to show him how much we appreciate his willingness to hang out with us for 24-hours.



  1. YES!!!!!! atx loves mouse, we've given him a little memento each year. i love this, thanks for posting this sentiment!

  2. That's awesome, MO!

    Mouse is awesome, and anyone that goes above and beyond to show him their gratitude is awesome too.