Monday, January 7, 2013

The Weekend Challenge...Housing.

If you wanted to establish yourself as a Lock-In All-Star, you wouldn't be concerned with housing. You'd arrive in STL on Friday night, roam from party to party until the city went to sleep, then you'd cross the Eads bridge and party til dawn at Pop's or the "Sauget Ballet" in East St. Louis.

After partying all night, you'd stumble into Courtesy Diner, order a Slinger, and properly refuel before heading to the Skatium.

At Noon on Saturday, you'd arrive at the Skatium having not slept a wink. You'd continue your partying for another 24-hours at the Lock-In, and then drive home on Sunday afternoon.

Now, I don't expect anyone to complete (or even attempt) this feat of hyper partying endurance.

That means most of you will need housing on Friday night, and possibly on Sunday night too...There's no shame in that.

If you need housing, you need to send a polite and informative email to the Lock-In Housing Staff.

We need to know where your group is coming from, how many people are in your group, and we need to know which night(s) you need housing.

Emails need to be sent IMMEDIATELY.

DO NOT email us on the Thursday before the Lock-In trying to find housing. Your request will go unanswered, and you will be on your own for housing.

Keep in mind that housing is extremely limited. If you have friends or family in STL, we encourage you to explore that option as well.

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  1. Anyone can stay at my place 30 mins from downtown. We have 3 couches and one bed available.!!